The purpose of this curriculum is to provide detailed descriptions of the various treasury products and services that are offered by the financial institution. This curriculum will introduce the different types of markets, swaps, notes, and options that make up the collection of treasury products that account holders can choose from at the financial institution. An understanding of the information presented in these courses offers a comprehensive description of treasury products and will ensure that employees are able to efficiently and effectively assist account holders who are interested in purchasing treasury products and services.

Duration : 8 Hours

Certificate Accreditation: INSPIRE

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Basic Treasury Management
T1) Introduction
T2) Derivatives Markets
T3) Money Markets
T4) Treasury Services
T5) Foreign Exchange (FX) Markets
T6) Cash Management
T7) Managing Payables
T8) Liquidity Management
T9) Risks
Overview of Treasury Products: Part I
T1) Treasury Products and Services
T2) Derivatives Markets
T3) Money Markets
T4) Foreign Exchange Markets
T5) Structuring and Financial Engineering
T6) Pricing and Trade Execution
Overview of Treasury Products: Part II
T1) Structured Swaps
T2) Cross Currency Swaps
T3) Structured FX Options
T4) Equity Linked Notes
T5) OTC Equity Options
T6) Commodity Structure
T7) Carry Trade
T8) Asset Swaps
T9) Credit Default Swaps
T10) Credit Linked Notes
T11) CDOs and CPDOs
T12) Index Tracker Structures
T13) Total Return Swaps

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