The purpose of this curriculum is to introduce the teller position at the financial institution. The curriculum will provide an overview of the various roles and responsibilities of the teller and will explain the types of transactions and customers that will be encountered at the financial institution. The courses included in this curriculum will also provide insight into the teller’s role regarding IRAs, cash-handling, and coins and currency. Successful completion of these courses provides a thorough understanding of the teller position and will assist employees in becoming responsible and efficient at the financial institution.

Duration : 8 Hours

Certificate Accreditation: INSPIRE

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Teller Basics
T1) How to Look Professional
T2) Paying Cash
T3) Handling Confidential Information
T4) Efficient Work Habits
T5) Cross-Selling
T6) Working with Numbers
T7) Bookkeeping Basics
Branch Banking for Tellers
T1) Branch Information
T2) Branch Team Members
T3) History of Your Financial Institution
T4) Vision and Values
T5) Teller Job Description
T6) Teller for a Day
T7) Teller Skills
T8) Teller Standards
T9) A Career Path
T10) How to Get Ahead

Customer Handling System
T1) Greet the Customer
T2) Observe Proper Procedure
T3) Listen and Understand Customer Needs
T4) Determine Document Accuracy
T5) Get Ready to Process
T6) Identify the Customer
T7) Finish the Transaction
T8) Thank the Customer

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