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At Inspire Management Training Centre, we understand that growing Leadership Development is the key to any organisation’s success. Great Leaders are pivotal to any business and in times of crisis, great leaders emerge and drive the business through turbulence, coming out stronger and more resilient.
But how do you develop great leaders? At Inspire, we believe that organisations should supplement their Leadership Development Programs with credible Leadership narratives. Leadership stories will inspire the new leaders to create leadership legacies. Understanding that Leadership comes in different shapes and forms, we would like to create a platform for all these Leaders to share their narratives.

Inspire Management Training Centre is proud to announce the launch of ‘Inspire Today’ our monthly Leadership Video Podcast. The ‘Inspire Today’ will invite leaders from different walks of life to share their Leadership journeys and key to success. ‘Inspire Today’ will be a repository of leadership knowledge and experience, where we try to capture the essence of the leaders and make them available here on this page and our social media channels. We will have a mix of local and international leaders, who will share their stories with us, so we can learn from them.

We are currently busy curating the content and list of leaders for ‘Inspire Today’, we are excited to share that we will be launching the video podcast soon.

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