The purpose of this curriculum is to introduce the skills and strategies that facilitate professional development. The curriculum will focus on providing strategies for enhancing problem-solving and decision-making skills. The courses included in this curriculum will also offer several different techniques for thinking about projects and problems creatively. Completing these courses will assist in growing professionally and will lead to a comprehensive understanding of problem-solving strategies.

Duration : 8 Hours

Certificate Accreditation: INSPIRE

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Problem-Solving and Decision- Making
T1) What is a Problem?
T2) Problem Objectives
T3) Recognizing a Problem
T4) Problem Ownership
T5) Tackling Problems
T6) Decision-Making vs. Problem-Solving
T7) Approaches
Creative Thinking Techniques
T1) Creativity
T2) Thinking Creatively
T3) Creativity Blocks
T4) Brainstorming
T5) Lateral Thinking
T6) Performance
T7) Root Problems
T8) Handling Mistakes and Problems
T9) Decision Criteria
Lean Principles*
T1) Understanding Lean Principles
T2) Fourteen Principles
T3) Critical Improvement Concepts
T4) Creating a Lean Enterprise
T5) Data Gathering and Mapping

Emotional Intelligence
T1) Emotional Intelligence
T2) Emotions
T3) Intelligence Quotient
T4) The Emotional System
T5) The Stoplight Method
T6) Developing EQ

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