The curricula, courses, and topics included in this category will provide information on the knowledge and skills necessary for an employee to function at the highest level of the organization. The information covered in this curriculum was designed to engage even the busiest employees and help them develop, strengthen, and review essential professional skills. Employees will be trained in areas such as, Business Communication and Writing, Project Management, Sales, and Marketing. Additional subjects covered in this category include: Leadership and Management Development as well as Customer Satisfaction and Professional Development. An understanding of these skills and topics will motivate employees and ensure that they are well-versed in their current roles and are able and willing to provide excellent service at the organization.

Duration : 8 Hours

Certificate Accreditation: INSPIRE

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The purpose of this curriculum is to explain the professional skills needed to deliver superior service to each of the organization’s customers on a daily basis. This curriculum will teach the basics of customer service by discussing how to properly greet customers, listen, and identify customer needs, and how to end each conversation politely and professionally. In addition to this, the courses will emphasize the importance of effective communication during every customer interaction. Completing these courses will provide a comprehensive understanding of the communication strategies and techniques to help overcome any communication barriers or customer service issue at the organization.

The Customer Experience
T1) The Changing Bank Customer
T2) Customer Experience Statements
T3) Giving and Getting Respect
T4) Special Types of Customers

Understanding Communication
T1) How we Communicate
T2) Introduction to CLEAR
T3) Upset Customers

Communication Strategies
T1) Introduction to CLEAR
T2) Problem Customers
T3) Unreasonable Customers
T4) Resolving Bank Issues
T5) Listening
T6) Finding a Solution

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