The curricula, courses, and topics included in this category will address specific areas with regard to Branch Manager, Teller and Customer Service Officer (CSO) job skills in addition to focusing on areas Banking Fundamentals, Treasury, Accounting, Financial Analysis and Advanced Banking Concepts. An understanding of these skills and topics will ensure that employees possess the knowledge necessary to fulfill their current roles and carry out their daily tasks at the institution. The purpose of this curriculum is to introduce the knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective and successful branch manager at the financial institution. The curriculum will provide insight into the various aspects of the branch manager position, ranging from communication and sales skills to standards and expectations. The courses included in this curriculum will familiarize new branch managers with the position by providing detailed explanations of business development, communication, and standards. Adherence to the information presented in these courses provides an inclusive understanding of the branch manager position and how to consistently remain successful at the financial institution.

Duration : 15 Hours

Certificate Accreditation: INSPIRE

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Branch Manager Standards
T1) The Importance of the Branch Manager
T2) Job of the Branch Manager
T3) Employee and the Customer Needs
T4) Branch Manager Challenges
T5) History of Your Financial Institution
T6) Vision and Values

Branch Managers Sales Skills
T1) Selling is a Service
T2) Sales and the Branch Manager
T3) The Sales Compass
T4) Identify the Need
T5) Build the Relationship
T6) Advance the Sale
T7) Customize Solutions
T8) Value Proposition
T9) Overcome Objections
T10) Close the Sale
T11) Quality Service

Communication for Branch Managers
T1) The Importance of Communication
T2) Interpersonal Skills
T3) Face-to-Face Communication
T4) Perception and Communication
T5) Communicate to Influence and Inspire
T6) Establishing Rapport
T7) The LMX Theory
T8) 12 Aspects of Relationships

Branch Managers are Sales Leaders
T1) Strengths of a Sales Leader
T2) Sales Leader Skills
T3) Importance of Sales Coaching
T4) Coaching Success
T5) Motivators
T6) Understanding Motivation
T7) Methods of Motivation

Branch Managers and Business Development
T1) Market-Driven Focus
T2) Analyzing & Segmenting Your Market
T3) Setting Goals
T4) Evaluating & Adapting
T5) Improving Market Value & Wallet Share
T6) Work with the Phone Prospects
T7) Leaving a Voicemail
T8) Business Contacts Through Email

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