Vendor Management Workshop

Vendor Management Workshop

This one day workshop will use discussion and case studies to enhance participant’s ability to work with vendors, have a clear understanding of vendor motivation, and techniques to achieve win-win relationships

Duration : 12 Hours

Certificate Accreditation: INSPIRE

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This Vendor Management course is designed to cover the following modules:

Day 1


  • Who is a Vendor? What is Vendor Management
  • Vendor Management Competencies
  •  Vendor Management Terms and Concepts


2. Looking at Things from the Vendor Perspective

  •  The engagement management process
  •  Stakeholder analysis
  •  Due diligence
  •  Defining high-level requirements


3. Starting on the Right Path

  •  Defining the engagement approach
  •  Defining warranties and remedies
  •  Defining requirements
  •  Kick-off meetings and work sessions


4. Managing Quality

  • Defining quality management
  •  Quality control through the gating process
  •  Developing acceptance criteria
  •  Quality control: testing, reviews, and audits


5.Managing Relationship

  •  Relationship development process
  •  Contract negotiation strategies
  •  Client/vendor relationships
  •  Vendor performance evaluation
  •  Managing conflict

Practical ways in dealing with Vendor including some suggestion on Negotiations tactics when dealing with Vendor

6. Managing Change

  • Scope and resources changes
  •  Requirements changes
  •  Estimating change reserves
  •  Dealing with change control


7.Monitoring Performance

  • Performance-based monitoring
  •  Monitoring methods
  •  Use of performance standards
  •  What to measure
  •  Ways to measure
  •  How to monitor performance—tools and best practices
  •  Managing contract performance
  •  Actions and remedies
  •  Apply and reassess incentives
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