Pharmaceutical products are lucrative and fast-growing cargo commodities for businesses across the value chain. Are you qualified to claim your share? The pharmaceutical industry spends billions each year to ensure the reliable and compliant transport of its products, and its expectations for your cargo business are high. This diploma will prepare you with the regulatory and operational foundations you need to start handling temperature-controlled shipments and show you how to build specialized pharmaceutical services into your daily operations.

Duration : 40 Hours

Certificate Accreditation: INSPIRE

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What you will learn?

Four specialized courses will give you a complete overview of the cold chain, allowing you to:

  •  Relate the logistical needs of the international healthcare industry and ensure compliance with its
  •  Mitigate risks common to the transport of pharmaceutical and other time and temperature-sensitive shipments
  • Implement a Quality Management System in your operations to ensure consistent and reliable service, compliance and continuous improvement
  • Establish an integrated temperature-control logistics system in compliance with national and international regulations
  • Establish process-driven quality and risk management system in all aspects of the air freight supply chain, from temperature-controlled infrastructure, qualified transport equipment and vehicles to well trained professionals.


Key topics include:

  •  International standards and guidelines for healthcare shipments: Requirements determined by the World Health Organization (WHO), EU, United States Pharmacopeia, IATA Temperature Control Regulations (TCR) and Perishable Cargo Regulations (PCR) manuals
  •  Temperature management: How to identify critical points throughout a product’s journey and ensure the correct temperature range
  • Risk management for the cold chain: How to establish standard operating procedures to avoid temperature deviation between transportation modes, locations and stakeholders
  • Temperature-sensitive product handling: Standards for packing, documenting, labelling and handling temperature sensitive products
  • Temperature-controlled containers: The basic requirements for classifying, building and inspecting containers specific to the cold chain
  • IATA internal audit checklist: How to conduct an audit of your cold operations and use your findings to establish consistency throughout your operations
  • Lean management: Methodologies for streamlining your operations and ensuring continued quality

Who should attend?

This highly specialized diploma program is recommended for management working in:

  •  Airline, handler or freight forwarder operations
  •  Cargo quality operations
  •  Warehouse and ramp operations
  •  Pharmaceutical audits


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