ISO 37001:2016 – Certified Lead Auditor

ISO 37001:2016 – Certified Lead Auditor

ISO 37001:2016 certification demonstrates your dedication to implementing and maintaining a compliant and effective anti-bribery management system in support of overarching principled business practices. The ISO 37001:2016 international standard can be applied to distinguish and protect a wide range of organizations of all sizes in both public and private sectors around the world.

Duration : 25 Hours

Certificate Accreditation: GAQM

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Course Outline:

An anti-bribery management system is an essential component of a successful organization. Implementing an ISO 37001:2016 anti-bribery management system can demonstrate that an organization has put reasonable and proportionate measures to prevent bribery in place.

It can also prove a commitment to ethical behaviour, which is a vital part of corporate governance in a well-managed organization. This commitment helps an organization enhance its corporate reputation and avoid potentially corrupt transactions.

Corporate commitment to exemplary business ethics is a critical part of any reputable and successful organization. Trust is a powerful tool to build and maintain a positive image with business partners and authorities, as well as consumer confidence.

The Anti-Bribery Management Systems standard conforms with the ISO high-level structure requirements for the management systems.

The key elements of this management system standard are to enable organisations:

  • to prevent, detect and respond to bribery and comply with anti-bribery laws
  • to identify and regularly review risks in relation to the threat of bribery
  • to implement measures to minimise risks
  • to implement a management system that is reasonable and proportionate to the risks associated with the organisation.
  • to monitor anti-bribery procedures and ensure they remain effective

Exam Information:

  • The exam comprises 100 Multiple Choice Questions out of which the candidate needs to score 70% (70 out of 100 correct) to pass the exam.
  • Exams are online and proctored based, using a webcam and a reliable internet connection exams can be taken anywhere and anytime.
  • The total duration of the exam is 2 hours (120 Minutes).
  • No external sources of information may be accessed during the exam held via ProctorU. Further details of the materials permitted are provided:
    • Identification Proof.
  • If a candidate does not pass the exam in the second (2nd) attempt, the candidate must wait for a period of at least fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of their attempt to retake the exam for the third (3rd) time or any subsequent time.
  • The exam can be taken any number of times.
  • The ISO 37001:2016 – Certified Lead Auditor Certificate is valid for life.

Displaying your certificate

  • Remember, when labelling a product or system as certified to an ISO standard:
  • Don’t say: “ISO certified” or “ISO certification”
  • DO say: “ISO 9001:2008 certified” or “ISO 9001:2008 certification” (for example).
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