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British Council Aptis Testing Centre

[thim-text-box style=”style-3″ title_1=”WHAT IS APTIS?”]APTIS is a modern and flexible English language proficiency test designed to meet the diverse needs of organizations and individuals around the world. It has taken the form of an effectively popular, pre and post assessment tool to benchmark levels of English.

APTIS is developed by the British Council’s research group, based on the latest research in English language development regarding:

1. Speaking 2. Listening 3. Writing 4. Reading[/thim-text-box]

[thim-text-box size_style=”size-small” style=”style-4″ title_1=”WHY TAKE APTIS?”]1.Aptis uses a detailed reporting system, where both a scaled score and a CEFR level are provided for each skill tested.
2.Individual and group reports are provided so you get a clear picture of each test taker’s strengths and weaknesses as well as their ranking within the workforce.
3.A compulsory grammar and vocabulary test is combined with one or more skills tests (reading, writing, speaking and listening), allowing you to test only the skills that are relevant.
Aptis can be taken using a computer, tablet, or pen and paper and results can be provided within 48 hours.
4.All Aptis tests consist of high-quality content put together and reviewed by a dedicated
global team for suitability around the world.
5.Free practice materials and test guides are available for candidates.
6.The test is simple to administer and technical support is provided.
7.We are strongly committed to the highest standards of equality, diversity and inclusion in
testing, so extra time can be allocated for candidates in specially prepared computer-
based versions when this is required. A braille version of the core and reading test is available.[/thim-text-box]
[thim-icon-box icon=”font_ionicons” style_layout=”style_kit” icon_title=”APTIS VARIANTS:” box_style=”layout-3″ font_ionicons=”ion-android-add” background_color=”#d9f2fa”]APTIS GENERAL: It is a foundational assessment test, adapted to your business or organizational needs, depending on which skills you want to test.

APTIS ADVANCED: It tests language competency in cases where higher levels of English need to be tested.

APTIS FOR TEACHERS: Specifically designed for those who work in educational entities to advance their teaching quality.

APTIS FOR TEENS: It has been designed to meet the needs of younger learners, at 13-17 years-old, in developing their English language skills.[/thim-icon-box][thim-icon-box icon=”font_ionicons” style_layout=”style_kit” icon_title=”Who can apply?” box_style=”layout-3″ font_ionicons=”ion-android-exit” background_color=”#d9f2fa”]Corporates
Government Entities
Educational Entities
Any individual[/thim-icon-box]

[thim-icon-box icon=”font_ionicons” style_layout=”style_kit” icon_title=”When can I expect my result?” box_style=”layout-3″ font_ionicons=”ion-android-chat” background_color=”#d9f2fa”]You will receive your test results by email between 48 and 72 hours after taking the test. Your test report will be available for collection at our offices or will be sent to you by post within 7 to 10 days[/thim-icon-box][thim-icon-box icon=”font_ionicons” style_layout=”style_kit” icon_title=”Which test to choose?” box_style=”layout-3″ font_ionicons=”ion-android-checkmark-circle” background_color=”#d9f2fa”]Cost-Effective: Aptis is a smart investment that continues to add value to your business.

Tailor the assessment to test only what you need.
Multiple test packages may also qualify for a discount.
Repeat the tests over a frequent period of time to assess the improvement of the employees or students.[/thim-icon-box]

[thim-icon-box icon=”font_ionicons” style_layout=”style_kit” icon_title=”Cost of APTIS:” box_style=”layout-3″ font_ionicons=”ion-android-bookmark” background_color=”#d9f2fa”]400 QR (per participants) Kindly make us aware of your expected test date and number of candidates before 24 hours To confirm your slot for the test.[/thim-icon-box]
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