Performance Management

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When changes occur Performance Management helps the transition to be smoother and less hectic. It helps the organization and employee have a stream-lined relationship which improves communication and interactions between the two groups. It will help close any gaps that exist in an employee’s skill-set and make them a more valuable employee through feedback and coaching.
Workshop Objectives:

⦁ Define performance management.
⦁ Understand how performance management works and the tools to make it work.
⦁ Learn the three phases of project management and how to assess it.
⦁ Discuss effective goal-setting.
⦁ Learn how to give feedback on performance management.
⦁ Identify Kolb’s Learning Cycle.
⦁ Recognize the importance of motivation.
⦁ Develop a performance journal and performance plan.

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Performance Management is making sure the employee and the organization are focused on the same priorities. It touches on the organization itself by improving production and reducing waste.