Transport of Pharma Products and Vaccines by Air

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What you’ll learn

  • Recognize differences in pharmaceutical products and their main characteristics.
  • Recognize pharmaceutical product packaging types, transport equipment and active/passive shipping systems
  • Discuss regulatory requirements for handling and transporting time and temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products.
  • Describe air freight supply chain stakeholders, roles and responsibilities and important process milestones.
  • Manage requirements for documentary and physical handling of pharma shipments in air freight.

Who should attend

  • Cargo agents.
  • Freight forwarders.
  • All staff involved in the transport and handling of pharmaceutical products
  • Airline staff and shippers transporting time and temperature sensitive healthcare products.
  • Primary producers or manufacturers of pharmaceutical and healthcare goods
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Time and temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines, medicines, and other healthcare products require specific handling, monitoring, process controls, transportation and storage requirements.