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We run a portfolio of diverse services that were created for different industries across diverse sectors and business models. With our services, you are assured that your development and progress will be handled by professionals.

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We offer consultancy services on various issues including: Leadership and Strategy, Operations and Management, Quality and Safety, Customer Care and Facilitation, Change and Innovation, Disaster Planning and Crisis Management (Mitigation, Preparation, Response, Recovery)
If after going through the list of available training courses, you do not find the one which best suits your need, then you can get a custom-made design that will suit you perfectly. However, a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) will take place first, as this will determine what is required for the training.
There is the option of grouping together a collection of individual courses available on the provided training titles’ list, and hence create a training program that is unique and meets your needs. This is a cost-effective method of learning, as there are discounts for programs that are made up of 2 or more courses.It is comprehensive, and an advanced method of development and learning.
These are training programs and workshops handled by seasoned instructors, in a classroom-like setting. The training will cover different topics based on the requirements of the subject matter, and the industry it belongs to. There are various training programs for industries like: Oil & Gas, Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals, Transport and Logistics, Shipping and Maritime, Retail and Consumer, Aviation, Banking, Finance and others.
We have members of our team who can assist your organization in different ways and with different tasks like: Business Proposals, Business Plans, Project Proposals, Project Plans, Training Audits, Training Plans, HR Development Plans, Training Needs Analysis, Manuals and Kits, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Safety Management System Manual (SMS), Emergency Response and Preparedness Plan (ERPP), Other.