Pricing Policy

We Guarantee Value for Your Money

  • A highly sensitive pricing scheme.
  • Α market and customer-driven policy, a flexible pricing plan; to meet and exceed expectations in a positive way.
  • No extra costs, no hidden charges or overheads.
  • A client-personalized pricing structure which considers quality, time and budget.
  • A premium product and a high value service which is provided at a fair price.
  • Lower rates and discounts apply for training programs (group of seminars and courses) or a combination of services.
  • Return on investment guaranteed.
  • Subsidization for local organizations and companies.

Be rest assured that our pricing policy is the best in the industry. We have professional, knowledgeable, experienced and skilled consultants and trainers who are ready to work with you. You can contact us today, so that we can provide an ideal solution to your needs at a reasonable price.