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Basic Bookkeeping
QAR 250.00
Project Management 6th Edition
Crisis Management
QAR 100.00
Microsoft Word 2016 Expert
Change Management
QAR 250.00
Universal Safety Practices
Managing Workplace Anxiety
Sales Fundamentals
QAR 250.00
Conflict Resolution
QAR 100.00
Basic Airside Safety
QAR 1,000.00
Travel Document and Entry Requirement Checks
Business Writing
Social Media In The Workplace
Marketing Basics
Microsoft Word 2016 Essentials
Developing Creativity
QAR 100.00
Customer Support
QAR 100.00
Personal Productivity
QAR 100.00
Top 10 Sales Secrets
QAR 100.00
The Power of Networking (Within the Company)
BSP Essentials for Travel Agents
Distribution and Airline Retailing with NDC
Collaborative Business Writing
Digital Citizenship
QAR 250.00
Employee Recruitment
QAR 100.00
Microsoft Outlook 2016 Essentials
Negotiation Skills
QAR 250.00
Talent Management
QAR 100.00
Seeing and Taking Initiative
Trade Show Staff Training
Respect in the Workplace
Cabin Crew – Leveraging Professional Skills
Certified Sales & Marketing Professional Course CSMP
Customer Service
Event Planning
QAR 100.00
The Cloud and Business
Microsoft Access 2016 Essentials
Telework and Telecommuting
Workplace Diversity
QAR 100.00
Social Intelligence
QAR 100.00
Accountability in the Workplace
Safety In The Workplace
Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) for Flight Crew Members
Certified Digital Marketing Professional Course CDMP
Human Resource Management
Health and Wellness at Work
Project Management
QAR 100.00
Excel 2016 Expert
QAR 100.00
Ten Soft Skills You Need
Workplace Harassment
QAR 100.00
Social Learning
QAR 100.00
Conducting Annual Employee Reviews
Cyber Security
QAR 100.00
Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) for Flight Operations Personnel and Flight Dispatchers
Master’s Degree in Marketing
Mobile Learning
QAR 100.00
In Person Sales
QAR 100.00
Being A Likeable Boss
QAR 100.00
Employee Termination Processes
Workplace Violence
QAR 100.00
Stress Management
QAR 100.00
Developing New Managers
Delivering Constructive Criticism
Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) for General Cargo Accepting and Processing Personnel
Telephone Etiquette
QAR 250.00
Emotional Intelligence
Body Language Basics
QAR 100.00
Job Search Skills
QAR 100.00
Developing a Lunch and Learn
Business Succession Planning
Work-Life Balance
QAR 100.00
Civility In The Workplace
Developing Corporate Behavior
Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) for Handling and Loading Personnel
Leadership and Influence
Employee Motivation
QAR 100.00
Executive and Personal Assistants
Public Speaking
QAR 250.00
Diversity and Inclusion
Adult Learner: Mental Skills
High Performance Teams (Non-remote Workers)
Team Building Through Chemistry
Handling a Challenging Customer
Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) for Cabin Crew Members
Critical Thinking
QAR 100.00
Manager Management
QAR 100.00
Meeting Management
QAR 100.00
Presentation Skills
Employee Onboarding
QAR 100.00
Adult Learner: Physical Skills
Employee Recognition
QAR 100.00
Business Etiquette
QAR 100.00
Risk Assessment and Management